Here are some questions and answers to the most common questions we receive.
Please note: Due to the sensitive nature of our business, we can only provide limited information here.
Please contact us for complete details. We can handle everything for you!

Q: How long does it take to arrange for a fireworks display?
A: A minimum of 10 days, and in some cases it takes a full month. Permitting needs to be arranged within your city, and this can take some time. We handle all of the permtting, legalities, design, set up, and operation of the display. Please plan ahead.
*If you need fireworks within the next 10 days, we are probably unable to make that happen.

Q: How much does a fireworks display cost?
A: Cost is determined by the length, number of effects, permitting costs, and insurance.
(ie; total minutes, product/intensity, city permits, insurance coverage)
Every show is custom and unique. Contact us to discuss your needs.

Q: What types of events do you provide firework displays for?
A: Any and all types of events. Fireworks for resorts, weddings, graduations, corporate functions, sporting events, concerts, high schools, universities, and private parties.

Q: How much space do you need to shoot a fireworks display?
A: The minimum space needed depends on the largest size effect allowed within your site. This can vary greatly depending on; outdoor show, stage show, indoor show, close proximity show, and audience distance. Large aerial shows needs a lot of space, while indoor stage pyro does not. We can shoot fireworks in almost any location, and will come out to your site to evaluate and measure.

Q: Do you provide insurance and coverage for your displays?
A: Yes. We carry a $10 Million policy for all of our shows. You are fully covered.

Q: Who will shoot our show?
A: A Licensed Head Pyrotechnician, authorized by city, state, and federal agencies. Our Head Pyro's are fully licensed, qualified, and highly experienced.